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Python Learning Challenges

Daily - Insan Sutejo - 01 February 2021 - 109 Views

Python Learning Challenges

I am studying the Python programming language, although I often hear and read about Python, this is the first time I have tried to deepen it.

Compared to C or Pascal languages, Python is simpler in terms of syntax, if in C we have to declare a variable first, unlike Python, we can immediately write a variable without having to declare it first.

I studied control statements, the discussion about looping and branching, it was very interesting. Sometimes I find it difficult to do the practice questions, but that's the challenge, some are easy, some are difficult until it's finished for days.

I learned a lot from the Internet, Youtube and bought several books on Python. This learning process takes time and effort, I hope I can study each part of the discussion and solve the practice questions in each section.


Insan Sutejo

Hello, I am very happy to be able to write on this blog, I was learning to write, because by learning we get more knowledge and

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