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MOC - Music on Console

Open Source - Insan Sutejo - 24 January 2021 - 195 Views

MOC - Music on Console

MOC (music on console) is a text-based music player application, so this application can be run through the Terminal, I use MOC as a music player on Linux, the reason is because it is text-based so it saves more RAM. The MOC view is divided into two parts, the left side of the file browser and the right of the playlist.

Installing MOC

You can install MOC directly from the repository of the Linux distribution you are using or visit the MOC website.
I use a Debian derived distro, for different distros please adjust.

$ sudo apt-get install moc moc-ffmpeg-plugin

Running MOC

Using MOC is also very easy, just open a terminal then type mocp, then follow these steps:

  1. Switching from a file browser to a playlist or vice versa, we simply press the Tab key
  2. Search or select an mp3 file, just point using the down or up arrow keys on .. / then press enter
  3. Add a song to the playlist just press the a button
  4. Play the song, just select the file using the down or up arrow key, then press the enter key
  5. Add Shuffle and Repeat options, just press Shift + S and Shift + R
  6. Back or Next, just press the b and n
  7. For stop press the s button
  8. Exit MOC press the q button.

Because it is text-based so using MOC does not use a mouse, it uses the keyboard more.

The Theme on MOC

MOC has 9 (nine) themes, try typing this command in the terminal.

$ cd /usr/share/moc/themes
then, type ls then enter
$ ls 
black_theme    green_theme    red_theme

darkdot_theme  moca_theme     transparent-background

example_theme  nightly_theme  yellow_red_theme
Using the MOC theme is quite easy, for example I use a transparent-background theme, just type this command.
$ mocp -T /usr/share/moc/themes/transparent-background

Well, later it will look like in the picture above, please use other themes to try.


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