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Finding Important Archives

Blog - Insan Sutejo - 18 January 2021 - 126 Views

Finding Important Archives

The story is when browsing files on a laptop, I found a valuable archive, a CMS that I created around 2016, I developed this CMS from scratch with PHP, more details Vanilla PHP or no framework. I am very happy because there are several articles that I think are very important.

I thought the CMS was lost due to my negligence when formatting the hard drive when installing the netbook, it turns out that there is a backup on the laptop.

This CMS is the forerunner to the emergence of Om Semut Blog, built using PHP 5 and MySQL database, ever orbiting on the internet with the name, but only lasted a year, due to financial difficulties, the blog hosting sitejo was not extended and stored on my netbook and finally erased. This is how it looks:

It’s features are quite complete with a responsive web and a fairly small size of only 3 Mb. Lightweight and multi-functional.

Coupled with a multi user login system, it makes it easier to manage articles and users.

For the admin page, it is equipped with adding and editing articles, managing users, tags, categories and changing the display theme of the website. 

Because I think the CMS file sitejo has been lost, so I built a new CMS using Codeigniter in 2019, in terms of the concept it is still the same, but the features for this new CMS are reduced, such as changing the theme, but there are some parts added such as using the WYSIWYG editor , making it easier to type articles and add images to articles.

I took it as an accident at first, but there was a blessing, so I learned to develop a website using a framework, which is starting to become a trend. Although it does not rule out the possibility for me to develop web based on vanilla PHP again or maybe use other frameworks such as Django. We will see later.


Insan Sutejo

Hello, I am very happy to be able to write on this blog, I was learning to write, because by learning we get more knowledge and

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